I don’t know about other people’s experience, but in my games, the moment firearms are introduced, chaos ensues. Most of the time it’s a simple matter of the owner of the firearm becoming aggressive. Trigger happy, if I may. In general, if there’s a gun in play, the group tends to be confused when people don’t listen to everything they say.

I myself am guilty of this as well. I don’t play often. I can count on one hand the number of times I wasn’t the GM. The last time I played I had a Gunslinger named Bastion in my brother’s Pathfinder game. I intended to play him as a reserved, quiet type. Almost zen-like.

Instead, he was a brutal, take-charge cowboy who led with anger and fury, and followed up with gunpowder. I don’t think I’m that kind of player normally, but I guess you’d have to ask my friends? But man, once I had a gun… I was OFFENDED if an NPC didn’t immediately respect my abilities and opinions.

I’m pretty sure I’m allowing firearms in the new game I’m putting together, so I’ll let you guys know how fast that game falls apart.